Little monsters - Kleine Monster - boardgame for kids and children
A nice boardgame for kids 5+
Also works fine with adults !
2 to 4 players - 10 minutes a game.
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Le monstre bleu

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Photo du jeu Kleine Monster - Little monsters

What they say about Kleine Monster ?
Chico on TricTrac: "A very nice, simple and fast game. One of the very good games in the Haba range." full review in French

Little monsters (Kleine Monster) is a small boardgame for kids, designed by Helene and Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe and published by Haba.
Memory, quickness, fun !
Who will be the 1st one to catch 4 monsters of the same color than the dice ? The luckiest, the fastest, the one who has the greatest memory. And every one plays at the same time! With a simpler variant (without rapidity) for younger kids.

Coloring !
Here is a free coloring sheet for your children:

Colouring Download the sheet (PDF 143 Ko) Requires Acrobat Reader

Where to buy ?
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