Little monsters - Kleine Monster - jeu de société pour enfants
A nice boardgame for kids 5+
Also works fine with adults !
2 to 4 players - 10 minutes per game.
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Kleine Monster vs
Maka Bana

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To get a customized game copy signed by the authors, follow these steps:

Buy a standard Kleine Monster copy
To know where to buy, follow this link.

Send the rulebook to the authors
Prepare (1) an envelope to the author's address (see below), slip into it (2) the Kleine Monster rules, (3) another envelope self addressed, with a 20g postal stamp for France to your country, and (4) a short explanation telling who you would like to offer the game dedicating.
The rulebook is very small and fits on a standard envelope.

Authors address

You will soon get your rules back, with a written word from the authors!

Little monsters (Kleine Monster) is a small boardgame for kids, designed by Helene and Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe and published by Haba.