Little monsters - Kleine Monster - jeu de société pour enfants
A nice boardgame for kids 5+
Also works fine with adults !
2 to 4 players - 10 minutes per game.
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The starting idea of the game came up in October 2001, from a theme of "little monsters" I found amusing and not widely used for kid boardgames.

I was rather working on another project called Dungeonz, a double-guessing and reflexes game for adults. But this game was quite hard to tune up, so as a recreation I began to look for a very simple memory and rapidity game for children. The mechanism was quite quickly found, enhanced by a good idea of my wife (neither her nor me remember what this idea exactly was, but that's 2 years ago!)

After some tests, the game was finished. I wrote the rules in English and sent a short description to some editors like Selecta, Haba, Kosmos, Jumbo, Amigo, Ravensburger or Gigamic.

A few months later, in early 2002, Gigamic told me they were interested and asked for a prototype. Another couple of weeks later, a Gigamic letter came to my house: they would not publish the game. At about the same time, Amigo refused too, arguing they already had similar games in there catalogue.

Then, no news for more than one year, until April 6th, 2003. An e-mail from Haba announcing: "I will send you informations to Tiny Monsters. We will publish the game!". That's the way you learn that Haba will publish your game, two years after designing it!

In June, Haba sent me the very nice illustrations from Oliver Freudenreich, and some changes in the rules. They told me the game would be showed at the Frankfurt trend, as well as at the Essen 2003 game fair. The contract has been signed in october 2003.

And, last but not least, I got the game parcel in october 2003, with the very first copies of "Kleine Monster". Great!

Thanks Haba!

Little monsters (Kleine Monster) is a small boardgame for kids, designed by Helene and Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe and published by Haba.

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