Little monsters - Kleine Monster - jeu de société pour enfants
A nice boardgame for kids 5+
Also works fine with adults !
2 to 4 players - 10 minutes per game.
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The game goes on like that until a player has won 4 monster cards. He immediatly wins the game!

A few details - If a player is sure he doesn't have any monster of the dice color in front of him, he may shout "Vanished!" and take the big green wooden monster in the middle of the table. He wins a card if he didn't make a mistake.

Variant - For younger children, you can remove the reflexes and rapidity side of the game: the player who throws the dice is the only one that can play this turn. If the dice shows a color, the player has only one attempt to find the right monster card. If the dice shows the big monster symbol, the player can choose a color, tells it to the other players, and has one attempt too to find a right monster card.

Little monsters (Kleine Monster) is a small boardgame for kids, designed by Helene and Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe and published by Haba.