Little monsters - Kleine Monster - jeu de société pour enfants
A nice boardgame for kids 5+
Also works fine with adults !
2 to 4 players - 10 minutes per game.
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You can buy Little monsters on Internet or "real" shops:

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Here are a few shops selling Kleine Monster and other Haba games:

Spielenet Funagain
One of the main USA online shop.
Spielenet Spielenet
One of the main German online shop.
Koclicko Koclicko
A French shop with English contents.
Jocade Jocade
A French shop at Dijon.
Philibert Philibert
A famous online French shop for boardgames.

Real shop ?
You may get a list of real shops selling Haba games. Just browse:

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Little monsters (Kleine Monster) is a small boardgame for kids, designed by Helene and Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe and published by Haba.